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Top 10 Books of Corporate Governance

The Internal Auditor at Work: A Practical Guide to Everyday Challenges - Page 65
by K. H. Spencer Pickett - Business & Economics - 2004 - 304 pages
SECTION 12 SUMMARY: TOP TEN CONSIDERATIONS A summary of the ten main points covered in the chapter follows: 1. Corporate governance is a main driver for the ...

Corporate Governance and Accountability: What Role for the Regulator ... - Page 128
by Dan Bawley - Business & Economics - 1999 - 216 pages
Vineeta Anand, "Corporate governance shareholders proposals on the rise," Pensions and ... "CalPERS announces Top Ten Target Companies," Bankruptcy News ...

Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Global Convergence - Page 125
by Morten Balling, Elizabeth Hennessey, Richard O'Brien - Business & Economics - 1998 - 336 pages corporate group. They also show that bank directors are appointed in companies ... by the top ten shareholders is high or there exists a main bank relation. ...

Japanese Takeovers: The Global Contest for Corporate Control - Page 85
by W. Carl Kester - Business & Economics - 2003 - 324 pages
... quite predictable on the basis of the Japanese corporate governance system. ... Nippon Steel's top ten shareholders, which are predominantly its major ...

Keeping Better Company: Corporate Governance Ten Years On - Page 239
by Jonathan P. Charkham - Business & Economics - 2005 - 460 pages
Forbes Magazine, 10 May 2004, lists the top ten US earners. ... term they positively invite executives to 'cook the books' so as to be able to cash in. ...

Services--the Export of the 21st Century: A Guidebook for US Service Exporters - Page 46
by Joe Reif - Business & Economics - 1997 - 187 pages
This includes addressing the quality of corporate governance and ... The top ten CPA firms recorded worldwide revenues of US$34.6 billion in 1992. ...

Responsible Leadership - Page xi
by Thomas Maak, Nicolas Pless - Business & Economics - 2006 - 251 pages
Two of his four books have been rated among the top thirty business ... numerous articles, focuses on issues of corporate ethics, governance and leadership. ...

Corporate Governance in China - Page 50
by Jian Chen - Business & Economics - 2004 - 175 pages
For each exchange, the table provides data on the numbers of companies where the largest, the top five, and the top ten shareholders hold shareholdings in ...

Alliance Capitalism and Corporate Management: Entrepreneurial Cooperation in ... - Page 89
by John H. Dunning, Gavin Boyd - Business & Economics - 2003 - 311 pages
Pisano, GP (1991), The governance of innovation: vertical integration and ... 53-64. Reich. RB (1991), The Work of Nations. New York: Vintage Books. ...

Merger (takeover Conspiracy) - Page 89
by David J. Thomsen - Business & Economics - 1985
"On this sheet you will find a listing of your ten top corporate clients, in rank order, based on revenues for the past three years. ...